Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let bpr eat cake...

And the cake shall rise and be worshipped. Like other things.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A little more to chew...

A couple of Scottish Windfarms.

I would like to think words are not necessary. But that may be pants.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Twelve plus one random things...

Jen has commanded requested we do this Thursday Thirteen, 13 random things I Have NEVER done...(or managed).

  1. I have never had a hot air balloon flight.
  2. I have never spent a night inside the Great Pyramid.
  3. I have never had sex with four sets of twins.
  4. I have never managed to paint the spare bedroom.
  5. I have never managed to cook rice without making a mess.
  6. I have never seen the Sound of Music all the way through.
  7. I have never Sumo wrestled.
  8. I have never been to Las Vegas.
  9. I have never been in a helicopter.
  10. I have never met Steve Martin.
  11. I have never read a book backwards.
  12. I have never shook hands with a kangaroo.
  13. I have never eaten as many eggs as Cool Hand Luke.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Or are you glad to see me?

My new phone has a thermal imaging camera built in, but the thing is so small it keeps getting lost in my pocket.

Yesterday, I was fumbling around trying to find it and I must have triggered the camera.

This is the photograph I accidentally took. Hot stuff.

What? Me worry?

Alfred E. Neuman taught me all I know.

Like most things in my life this post is unplanned. I have, as far back as I can remember, simply followed my nose.
I have been aware of planning and preparation, and indeed as far as tasks and work are concerned, I believe I am meticulous, but life, that is totally different.
Even now as we dance through this effort, I am distracted by the many threads of thought weaving themselves through the lump of cells I like to call my brain.

Life is like a beautiful pudding, that sometimes you get to taste. I savour those tastes.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just call me Granny...

This is for Teri.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Treat.

Hard in all the right places.

Sans Pantaloons, the way it should be!

Hopefully this will raise a smile!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I got new jimjams!

I got new jimjams!

I am so excited, I won't get any sleep tonight!

The downside of HRT.

M.C. JenZod routs the rabbit population of Wonderland.

N.B. I am not responsible for the original rabbit graphic. It may be from an animation or a game. If anyone can identify it, please let me know.

The eyes have it.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am in a melancholy phase. My DVD pile has grown so I am watching these to lift my mood.

There is the sixth season of Married with Children & apologies to those that detest that sitcom. Corner Gas seasons 1&2 as recommended by Scarlet, Anchorman which I have just got around to buying after much recommendation by many, Everything is Illuminated as recommended by Groover, and one of my favorite comics John Pinette and his new DVD I'm Starvin!

Those and some Ardbeg will do me fine.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Am I romantic?

This in the news today. Apologies if you have seen it before.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

5 random things that have happened because of blogging

Tricia has tagged me with the 5 random things that have happened because of blogging meme.

Tricia's Musings at has come back to us all!

Five random things that have happened because of blogging.

I never intended to be a blogger. I had zero interest in blogging. This is my story.

1. Introduction to Blogging.
I have been involved with electronic communication for a long time; with Bulletin Board Systems before the inception of the Web and then with the World Wide Web, this all through my interest in Electronics and MODEM technology.
Mostly my use of the WWW has been to do research and gather data, and so it was until the advent of Blogger.

I'm unsure exactly how I came across Blogger, it could be because some of the technology links I followed led me there, or possibly just press coverage of the phenomenon; however once there the next blog button was pressed.
I did this infrequently for months, having much fun and enlightenment reading along the way. In March 2006 I came across a request from a Blogger called
Madeleine Six to create a header for her blog. I like numbers, numbers are significant. I responded to her request and an online relationship was born.

These are the first two headers submitted to Madeleine.
This is turn led to more frequent visits to Madeleine's blog to see the results of my efforts, and more pressing of the next blog button. I bookmarked many of the blogs I found interesting and one such is the blog of
Anne Altman, Two Can Anne.
Unlike MadeleineSix, Anne does not allow anonymous comments, therefore I was unable to comment directly on Anne's blog. When I gathered sufficient courage and felt I had something worthwhile to contribute, the post was

I sent Anne an email in my typical matter-of-fact work ethic style, in which any humor was 42 layers down and sounded as though I had taken some sort of offense. I had not however, and my reply to Anne sorted that out. Part of Anne's reply included the comment "hey andy! gotcha gotcha gotcha. nay, pants not required, sans pantaloons encouraged whilst commenting. all the cool kids are doing it!".
That then was the epiphany, and forever I would be sans pantaloons whilst commenting.

4¼. Stepping up to the line.
I now had an identity and an empty blog, but was still a tyro. The workings of Blogging were a mystery. I had been reading the blogs and comments of many wonderful, insightful, witty and intelligent persons. I did not have any perspective of the big picture nor indeed, do I consider myself worthy of making any significant contribution to the Blogging continuum; however as in nature, if one feeds, one must contribute to the larder and I was lacking in that aspect.

Jen called me to task and offered me her immense wisdom, guidance and encouragement. My first real post and contribution to the continuum is dedicated to Jen, and I will forever be her servant.

4½. Feeling the love.
I have now virtually met many, many wonderful people and I am constantly enthralled and excited by this wonderous Blogging adventure I have embarked upon. I enjoy the Blogging community into which I have been accepted and laugh heartily each and every day at the exceptional posts and comments this community, MY community generates. I find this new method of sharing human intellect extremely interesting and speculate with enthusiasm in which direction the future will take us.

5. The graphic gordian.
The concept is simple but the construct is complex. I have been told as a child I always had a pencil in my hand. I remember filling many Blue Challenge Notebooks provided by my Father, with drawings of creatures inspired by the BBC television series Dr. Who.
I have always had an interest in creating graphics, and this blended with computers and a willing audience in my Blogging community have brought us here.
Thanks Dad.

To end, I would like to include a comment by the well known writer Germaine Greer: "The first attribute of the art object is that it creates a discontinuity between itself and the unsynthesised manifold."

I am not worthy.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Once upon a time...

This is for those of us who remain young at heart.