Friday, January 18, 2008

The one for Julia...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tag Nation.

Here is the link to the person that tagged me: Two Can Anne.

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1. I used to be an ardent SLR photographer. One summer in the late seventies, I was taking some photographs of my pals having a water fight. They were having such fun. I suddenly asked myself why I was behind the camera and not with them. I put the camera down and I haven't used it since.
I didn't take any more photographs till I went on holiday in 1991, and then I used a disposable camera.

2. The above story isn't as dramatic as it may sound. I bought a video camera in 1983. With that I could leave it running and participate!

3. I made two sex tapes.

4. One of my young work colleagues, a guitar player, was strapped for cash and offered to sell his Les Paul copy to me for $50. I accepted and gave him the money. Two days later he asked to borrow his guitar back because he forgot he had a gig that weekend.
I loaned him back the guitar. I never saw it again. I never mentioned it again to him.

5. I used to astral travel as a child. My fav was going along the floor and doing right angle turns up, over and down open doors.

6. The nearest I have come to astral travel in real life was doing a vertical wall scuba dive in 1991.

7. No, you can't see them.

I think most people have done this now, but if you feel like doing it again with a holiday theme, consider yourself tagged if you have been to any of the places below:

1. Hawaii.
2. Grand Cayman.
3. US Virgin Islands.
4. Garthamlock Hospital.
5. Iceland.
6. Tisdale, Saskatchewan.
7. 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield.

There, all done.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The one for Skyler's Dad...

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The one for Doodle...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Is Est Reproba.

If you believe this, you are a genius!

I stole this from Dave.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The one for Dale...

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The one for Teri...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An Exercise in Thought.

I am a junk magnet. I'll throw that one into the mix and let it swirl about for a bit.

I am unsure if I have ever set goals. I was thinking this morning about my life and how I came to be where I am. When one makes a plan, one sets the objective and gathers the necessary resource to secure that objective. No problem.

In my life however, I don't seem to remember doing that.

I have said "Oh. I like that!" and "That looks an interesting job. I'd like to do that!", and funnily enough, on at least three occasions, I have ended up doing jobs I had previously desired.
But I never set goals. I must have been lucky. I have always (so far) been lucky in life, not love, but certainly life.

So, where does this ramble take us? A model scenario might help.

Student entering high school thinks "I want to be a Doctor of Medicine".
Student does research and determines the required qualifications & training.
Student maps out timeline for attaining such.
Student studies hard and gains required knowlege over many years.
Student graduates and gains employment as a Doctor of Medicine in joint practice or sets up own practice.
This will be our reference model.

Sans enters high school.
Sans doesn't remember anything about entering high school because he is a stupid bewildered little boy.
Sans has zero idea what 'work', 'employment', 'income', 'planning' and 'future' are.
Sans is good at running and knows 'goals' belong in soccer.
Sans remembers leaving high school 5 years later, his long hair blowing in the wind, thinking "Gee, it's great to know everything, can life get any better than this?"

Five years and I probably remember two minutes of it.

Now I come to remember, I did positively decide not to enter tertiary education at that time, but to seek employment. Maybe that counts as a goal, or possibly a goalette. Have I just destroyed my own argument? Maybe, but let's continue forward...

I had zero idea which field of employment I should enter. I had not studied with any idea of direction. Mostly I had not studied.

So two, this is how my life was set to continue. No plans, no goals, no set direction. Always starting from 'now' and leaving it to chance to decide my path. And here we are.

Would my life have been different if I had been more forward thinking? Would it have been better?

I have recently stopped carrying my canvas attaché bag. It simply got too heavy. This may be considered an analogy for my life to present.

Remember the junk magnet?

I have ambled along collecting 'stuff' and am over-burdened. Now is the time in my life I need to set goals, decide direction and execute. This will be painful as many 'precious' things will have to go. I simply cannot carry it all any more.

Things that I have worked hard to achieve will have to be sacrificed. I realise this now, but no matter, these are only things, and possibly the main thing is that I did achieve them. I know that.

The wave of life never stops pounding at our door. Always new, always younger, fresher, stronger. How different it never is, and always is.

Maybe life is balanced. Some people work hard climbing at the start of life and get to slide down to the end, while others like me, live an inverted life and slide down at the beginning, only to find we have to climb up at the end.

So three, I start this new chapter in my life with trepidation. At least before if I did not achieve, it could not be considered a failure because there was no goal to be achieved. Now there is a goal, and only time will tell if I achieve it. I'll let you know in thirty years what this post is all about and how it's went...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

News Latest...

Pantalunatic News today reports that Lynda from 'My Own Little World' has returned to Blogging after a prolonged absence of four days. Mr Dick Small, well known Entrepreneur and Celebrity Blogger welcomed her back on behalf of the Whole Earth Blogging Community and Lotus Point Commune Plant Growers Association. In other news, it seems Dan has gone blonde.


Here are links to the wonderful persons that tagged me: SushiBoy and Special K. and Scarlet. and Fonzie Sox.

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1. I got socks as a Christmas present.
2. I had potatoes and mince for dinner tonight.
3. I am currently reading 'The Days of Duchess Anne' by Rosalind Marshall.
4. My current working graphics folder contains 3,393 files occupying 5.61GB.
5. I have tried sushi but never developed a fondness for it. I did have too much Wasabi.
6. A close relation of mine is also a hostess of 'those' parties.
7. I am very fond of toast. With peanut butter.

Ok now I need to tag 7 people.

1. Oliver Hardy.
2. Dolph Lundgren
3. Matt Damon
4. Jeremy Irons
5. David McCallum
6. Forest Whitaker
7. Brent Butt

Unfortunately none of the above persons blogs are known to me, but consider yourselves tagged anyway.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The one for Dick...

I have been tagged by SushiBoy and Special K. I am currently devoting several CPU cycles to thinking about this task. Somewhere through this Ardbeg mist that floats before my eyes, lie the answers to the questions. What questions you may ask, that is the answer which I seek.

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