Monday, September 04, 2006

Chicken Sandwich.

This is my first post on my own, to hear the story from a fowl mouth so to speak.
I am so ready for this, THIS IS MY DESTINY - to be thrust into the limelight of the blogosphere.

I wasn't happy sitting on that Broody shelf.

Mister no pants over there, took him long enough to recognise my Star quality.

I like this fame thing. He gave me his charge card and let me go buy some stuff at the sales.

It's not my fault they cut up his Broody card. He's just a curmudgeon.
Anyway, he ate my kids for breakfast...

Pfiser called! I got a phone call and a really nice letter from Pfiser who are interested in using my blue pecker in an advertising campaign. YAY!

Mr Muney Shott called to arrange a meeting to discuss ME STARRING in a mini series for Cable called "Strap-a-Chick-to-Me". I said I didn't want to do anything risqe', but he re-assured me saying that this mini-series was really tasteful, like a Chicken Sandwich so to speak, just me and a couple of girls.

I can't wait.


Blogger Blue Beak said...

What have you done to me you Monster!

Get my head back to normal now!

I was going to be famous!

5:05 PM  

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