Monday, March 19, 2012

Talwin Morris, Vellum Edition.

The above is my cover of the Vellum Edition Cover variant; The Red Letter Library, Devotional Series, circa 1905, designed by Talwin Morris.
This is the cover for which Mrs. Brown wrote to Blackie asking if the cover device could be explained.

Talwin Morris replied thus:
"Intimate with the base of the Cross is the Cor Sacrum. Attracted by which (in similar form, but insignificant in comparison) are the two smaller hearts of Faith and Hope.
Interwoven with the Cross is the Vesica Piscis, extending within and beyond the Circle of Eternity; in the Centre of which are other five heart forms - having reference to the Cardinal Virtues (with Charity), and corresponding with the five Wounds of Christ.
Continuous with the outline of the Cross itself is the emblem of the Tabula Eucharistae."

Truly, I am not worthy.


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