Sunday, March 15, 2009

Name That Tune!

Mr. Dick Small tries his hand at Photobusking.


Blogger SkylersDad said...

(waving hand from the back)

Oh, Oh, I know, I know!!!

Lady from Spain!

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, it was "That's Why The Lady Is A Tramp"... it just seemed appropriate.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Cheer34 said...

she drives me nuts....what is all the hoopla about over this long face woman

5:08 AM  
Blogger Sans Pantaloons said...

ChrisSD, pretty good answer! YouTube is here.

Dick, that is a good song too. I can't find you on YouTube though...

Cheer, could you get a hoopla to fit over the long face?

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've been banned from You Tube. I'd rather not talk about it right now, if that's okay...

5:00 PM  
Blogger Lynda said...

Dick Small has talent.

Here's the YouTube:

2:11 PM  
Blogger Sans Pantaloons said...

Dick, I understand...

Lynda, wow! Dick is a huge star!
And sings so beautifully!!
I am overwhelmed!!!

4:27 AM  
Blogger bernthis said...

someone please give me her boobs and her legs. Please oh please

12:14 PM  
Blogger Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

Rhinoplasty fancy

8:30 PM  
Blogger Sans Pantaloons said...

Jessica, I do not have Sarah's boobs & legs to give you. If I had, you could surely have them after I played with them for a while.

Ritardo, I nose what you nose.

4:41 AM  
Blogger joe said...


6:13 AM  

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