Saturday, August 23, 2008

Homage. . .

Words by Bill Forsyth.
Dialogue by Robert Buchanan.

"You've got to make the most of what life offers you. Life isn't meant to be easy, not for anybody.

Okay, some of us may start out with more than others, more advantages you might say, that's not the main item.

It's basically every man for himself.

Take the two of us for instance. What did we start with? What did we do with ourselves?
Well for a start there's my O-Levels, two.

Ha! now there's a fair advantage you might say, but I worked for them.

Eh! you see, that's what you & I have in common, not the O-Levels, no, the advantages, Eh!

You know, the little supports that help us along lifes' weary way.

Let's face facts Earl, we've had our fair share of advantages, like for instance, you had a nice warm Country, money, big house, girls, big horse.

Aye, and I bet you a lot of nice curries up at that Kandahar, Eh!, nicely done Earl.

Oh! wait a minute here. I don't see too many O-Levels there, Earl old son.

How did you do it?

An' why don't I have a job!"

1st Earl Roberts Monument in Kelvingrove Park.


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